Fun(d) Raising Tour for Chiropractic Research
June 4, 2005

Background to the CCRF

The Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF) is a tax receipt issuing charitable foundation in Canada which funds chiropractic research in both university and independent facilities. At the present time the agency raises approximately $175,000 to fund researchers and projects in Canada. Our proudest achievement has been to partner with the Canadian Government through  Canadian Institutes for Health Research (CIHR) in funding two research chairs in prestigious faculties: Dr. Greg Kawchuk at the University of Calgary, and Dr. Mark Erwin at the University of Toronto. Both are accredited as world class researchers and published widely in the scientific literature. There are numerous other projects across the country to which the CCRF contributes. For detailed information see the New Explorers article in the November 2004 issue of the Canadian Chiropractor magazine.

The goal of the CCRF is to raise funding for excellent researchers to be integrated into the university setting in provinces across Canada, and to provide opportunities to mentor and develop a strong and vibrant culture of investigation to carry the chiropractic profession through the next century. To this end, we are pursuing numerous initiatives to raise funds to see these goals accomplished. In the past much of the financial support has come exclusively from the profession itself, and well it should. As chiropractors, we have a great interest in a deeper understanding of how the body works. But in a larger sense, there is a huge impact that this knowledge will have on the average Canadian. Studies show that 80% of the population will have an acute episode of back pain, and at any one time 25-30% of adults are experiencing back and neck pain. Billions of dollars are lost from the productivity of Canadian workers each year due to these impairments, and new research will have tremendous value.

Not all the research funded directly applies to the chiropractic profession. Findings may lead to new knowledge in a variety of diverse areas, but we are committed to furthering our understanding of the human neuro-musculo-skeletal system in partnership with existing researchers across Canada.

We have come to see that partnering with others can make this dream a reality. Through matching funding from CIHR two 5-year programs were initiated in the past 2 years. With the assistance of corporations and generous individuals, we hope to expand to 10 projects over the next 5 years.

Fund Raising Ride for Chiropractic Research

The Tour for Chiropractic Research was initiated by Dr. Eric Jackson as a fund raising event in Ottawa, on June 5, 2004. This was largely because Eric doesn't golf very well, but he does have a motorcycle and an abiding passion for cars. The rest is history. With the assistance of a well seasoned committee of riders and motorcycle dealers, this group raised $1400 for research in the first tour. We were told that to organize an event and not lose money the first year is remarkable. The details of the tour are available on the web at Several important lessons were learned. Greatest was to participate in more personal promotion. The web was widely used as a vehicle to announce the tour and create a presence, but that was not influential enough in bringing out large numbers. The committee will attend club meetings and a wider variety of media to inform the public. We have also decided to include cars in the event. This was in response to many who wished to come but didn’t ride a motorcycle. We will market to the car clubs and high affinity groups to recruit participants. It also helps to “weatherproof” the event. Finally the chiropractic community of Eastern Ontario is firmly behind the event. Last years ride was awarded the Research Fund Raising Event of the Year by The Ontario Chiropractic Association.

This year's Rattle Them Bones Tour ’05 registration will be held at the Good Time Centre in South Ottawa on June 4, 2005. Departing at 9:30 am, we’ll run down to Perth, on to Westport and then down to Gananoque for lunch. In the afternoon the run will be along the beautiful St. Lawrence 1000 Islands Parkway to Brockville, up to Merrickville, North Gower and finally back to the Good Time Centre for a reception. The total distance is 324 kms, with 4 stops to break up the day. We will again feature the popular Poker Run contest and provide prizes for highest sponsorship raised.

We ask you to consider partnership with the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation in the Ride For Research on June 4, 2005. We need media support, volunteers, supplies, encouragement and cold hard cash to make it a success. Will you help?

Thank you for your consideration,
Eric Signature
Eric Jackson DC
Chair Fund Raising Committee
Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation